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Havspaddling, Långfärdspaddling, Tävling, Forspaddling, Teknikträning, Kanadensare , Ungdomar, SUP Bräda


Sea kayaking, Long distance paddling, Competion, Whitewater, Kayak Skills, Canoe, Youth, SUP board


Training links


Sweep circle drill for sea kayaker

Draw Strokes for Sea Kayaker Magazine

Other You tube videos from Roger at Escape Kayak These videos are inspiring

Kayak TV - Forward strokes

Sea kayaking TV - Three golden rules of paddling

Sea kayaking TV - Low brace

Sea kayaking TV - How to re-enter a kayak

Animated paddling instruction (basics to more advanced)

Euro Paddle Pass

Unsponsored - Great engliish website for advice and tips

Kayak How To: Freestyle Fundamentals

Kayak How To: Roll Troubleshooting

Whitewater Troubleshooter - Stroke Concepts - Episode 3

Whitewater Dreams Homepage

Greenland Rolls and Stupid Paddle Tricks by Helen


Useful Links

Swedish canoeing authority -Lists of clubs in Sweden -Kayaking news


Kajak.nu - A mass of kayaking news and tips


Forspaddling.com - A brilliant resource for the Swedes that are interested in white water paddling (only in Swedish but play around with this because some of the links are fantastic)


Sea Kayaker Magazine - Great North American site with great links and info, Try the free pdf of the magazine.


Kayarchy - The sea kayaker's online handbook and reference


Seekayak - Useful directory of sea kayaking and related web sites


Distance calculator in Sweden - In Swedish but just use the pull down boxes to choose the relevant places.


useakayak.org - Great website with many different types of links


naturligt-ute.se - In Swedish, but great photos and homebuild plans.


Utsidan - Outdoor life and kayaking


Canoe manufacturers and sales


Vituddens kanotvarv




Kayak building


Björn Thomasson design

Johan Wirsén




Oskarshamns Sailing club (Only in Swedish)


Miscellaneous Links




Ecological Tourisum


Swedish Environmental Protection Agency


A bit of Sweden


Snow kayak


Commute by kayak


Just for Laughs - canoe on a car


Youth Freestyle Championships


Trampoline Kayaking


Whale Jumping on a kayak


Extreme Rock Hopping (curteosy of Nigel Foster in the US)


Swedish Nature Photography


Whitewater paddling


Whitewater in northern Sweden


To repair gaskets on cags


A clean spring - White water kayaking


Animated knots


Paddling uppside down


Kayaking down a drainage ditch


Llyn Brianne Reservoir 1


Llyn Brianne Reservoir 2


Etive Scotland


Etive Scotland 2


Rider of the Year II Awards Video


Lynda Woodruff (Sarah Dawn Finer) Roliga


ESC 2013 - Lynda Woodruff's journey through Sweden (Part 1) HD


ESC 2013 - Lynda Woodruff's journey through Sweden (Part 2) HD


ESC 2013 FINAL - Lynda Woodruff's journey through Sweden (Part 3) HD


Eurovision Malmö


Eurovision 2012 (in English after a few seconds)


Sarah Dawn Finer "Nu vet du hur det känns" (Official video) - Fantastic voice !


Sarah Dawn Finer - Standing Strong (official video) HQ


Petra Mede (Roliga)


Eurovision Song Contest 2013 - Petra Mede about Sweden (in English with just a bit of German to start)


Petra Mede - History Of Eurovision - Final - Eurovision 2013


Survival Kayak - How to build a kayak out of sticks and plastic, intro in German. - Must see!!!

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